Wayzon Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore, India

We have established our company a few years ago(2003) in Bangalore which is one of the most dynamically developing business and computer technology centres in India with the goal to become the number 1 digital marketing company in the region.

Our dedicated team makes sure that every aspect of your business’s competency is covered. Ranging from high-quality Web Design & Development with up-to-date Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Services,

our company has the ability to provide your business with the type of exposure it needs in order to stay competitive.

Every single member of our team has several years of experience in different ranges of marketing and web design and development. No matter if you are starting from scratch and need comprehensive web design and digital marketing services or if you are already established but need a better way to market your services, we are here to help your business flourish online. We think outside the box, which means, there are no predefined package prices.

Everyone gets a fully customized service, exactly according to what they need.

We provide the following services to our clients:

Digital Marketing: this is an umbrella term that includes search engine optimization for web content, local SEO for smaller local service providers who need a totally different type of exposure altogether and of course we also provide social media marketing to our clients, in order to make sure that their web content is visible, interesting and calls for attention.

Web Services: do you need a brand new website for your business or do you feel that your website is just too old and it’s not even compatible with today’s portable devices? Worry not, because our company is here to help you. Our company’s dedicated web design team is ready to do just the right sort of makeover for you and if you don’t yet have a website, it’s all the better: your website will not only become totally up to date, but we will make it with the best optimized content for search engines too, in order for your company to be among the first in the search results just for the right terms.

Software services: do you need any additional services, are you looking into creating an e-commerce business or have your own app? Our dedicated team will be very happy to assist you in all this.

All we need to get started is to sit down with you, learn about your business, your goals and on what you would like to achieve so that we create just the best suitable digital marketing package for you.

Although it’s a term that’s become all too generic on the internet, no online business can dispute the importance of search engine optimization, which when done in the right way, will provide a great help with your you, both contentment & exposure –wise.

While we leave time for you to work on what’s really important, we are more than happy to help your business flourish online.


Wayzon Strives to Make Clients Completely Satisfied With Respect to Product and Services by Providing Professional Way.

Our Vision

“Fulfilling clients’ requirements to build their successful business”

Our Vision is to make our self as most Valuable Corporation through ultimate performance and uniqueness in every single project

Company Statement, Mission
Our Mission


Providing innovative ideas and solutions with best of skills”

Our Mission is to enhance the business growth of our customers by delivering high-quality solutions which creates value and consistent competitive advantage to the client

Our Goals


Our goal is to provide excellent SEO services to the client to enrich their business your success is a measure of our success.

Our Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Humility
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Innovation

our services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO enhances your business, supporting your website with SEO will gain you more conversations through more traffic to website.

Social Media Marketing

We explore your business through out the Social Media Marketing, which helps your business growth and expand increase in sales and improve the branding.

Local SEO

We make your business available on the map and everyone can see your business. Local SEO improves your business and visibility.

Web Design & Development

With the trend, Designs and functionality we create Responsive website that is admired and user friendly. Our creativity creates responds to the demand.

Logo Designing

Our Logo fills all the Digital Market requirements by creating awareness and branding. We create meaningful along with colourful Logo that defines your business in possible ways.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app keeps all your clients within a box and make your products as well as services available in their palm. So we create apps that hold your clients to stay with your business and promote your business availability to them easily.

Wayzon Help You to Create Your Position in the Market Place
Before You Take First Step in Your Business

We Design Your Business
in Your Way

Why Wayzon

Mainly concentrate on the goodness of Business Branding and Visibility. To get recognised in the Digital world, we need to have good branding to create a place in people mind and to create awareness of the business.

We make sure our SEO service that you choose provides your Business Reliability that redefines your business class and maintains professional way of approaching the audients. Search Engine Optimizing gets more Traffic to your Business, hence the same creates more leads and rise in the business growth. Digital marketing service best way of Advertising your brand and business. Search Engine Optimizing provides you matchless vision for your Customer’s needs.

We provide various benefits of Social Media Marketing, we have the skills and knowledge to utilize the same over on the projects and get achievable success. Creating accessible approach to your business and we make sure the foundation is laid digitally perfect. We apply the SEO techniques rightfully to target the audience accurately so which takes less time to gain the business growth.

Our SEO Digital Services offers best in industry, hence with the professionally confident to we are top SEO Service provider in Bangalore. And we work the plans within your budget and investment providing you with the resource to overcome business hurdles through our SEO service. We not only work with your projects, we provide you with plans and thoughts how to gain more business.

Wayzon sets clear and transparent display between client to know and understands the process proceeds. We also show you the path how Digital world works, so your decision on us makes you concern free. Wayzon comes with a plan offering you at lowest budget works for your business making your website available accurately to the audience who needs your business purpose.

Wayzon strengths:

  • We set long-term SEO plan
  • Initiatives offline sales too
  • Invites Related Traffic with High Conversion Possible perspectives
  • Wayzon is secret ingredient of your business
  • Overrules paid ads service
  • Help your business to withstand the market competition
  • Multiplies your business

“We wish we are a success in your business, cheerful business ahead to you!”

Our Team


Sunoj V V
Chief Executive Officer(CEO) 
Email: sunoj@wayzon.co.in
Ph: +91 99 00 00 06 67


Noble Joseph
Email: noblejoseph@wayzon.co.in
Ph: +91 99 45 26 22 22


Keerthana Sunoj
Head Project 
Email: keerthana@wayzon.co.in
Ph: +91 98 45 77 55 33


Priyanka Gowda
PRO (Public Relations Officer) 
Email: priyankagowda@wayzon.co.in
Ph: +91 98 45 88 55 33


Priyanka Bhanja
Team Leader 
Email: priyanka@wayzon.co.in
Ph: +91 99 45 99 99 61


Blessey Thomas
Graphic Designer 
Email: blessey@wayzon.co.in
Ph: 080 2555 00 66


Akhil S Varughese
Email: akhil@wayzon.co.in
Ph: 080 2555 00 66


Rachana Dandia
Digital Marketing Executive 
Email: rachana@wayzon.co.in
Ph: 080 2555 00 66


Subhasis Nayak
JR Digital Marketing Executive 
Email: subhasis@wayzon.co.in
Ph: 080 2555 00 66


Lizan Aziz
Marketing Manager 
Email: lizan@wayzon.co.in
Ph: +91 99 45 88 33 33


Babitto Thomas
Marketing Executive 
Email: babetto@wayzon.co.in
Ph: +91 99 45 99 99 62


Sreepriya Ramesh
Email: sreepriya@wayzon.co.in
Ph: 080 2555 00 66


Ajilesh P P
Web Developer 
Email: ajilesh@wayzon.co.in
Ph: 080 2555 00 66

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