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Content Builds Relationships, Relationships Build Trust & Trust Generates Revenue.

WayzOn has the best content writers in Bangalore who are creative and able to provide you with content that impresses your customers. Our content writers always do a complete research on the business and write conversion focused content.

We understand your brand and it’s core values to deliver you with the best related content.

We have content writers who are experts in different industries like education, health care, technology, Artificial Intelligence, engineering, hospitality management etc.

Our Content Writing Services

There are many types of content writing and we will help you choose the best.

Website Content

Every professional website needs the best content to attract and convince visitors.

Social Media Content

To maintain an engaging social media profile every brand needs a short and catchy content.

#Hashtag Content

Trending content in social media always uses a #hashtag and we help you build creative hashtags.

Blog Writing

SEO friendly blogs helps you drive a lot of traffic. We have the best blog writers in the country.

Product Descriptions

Let it be for marketplaces or your own e-store, detailed product descriptions are mandatory.

Newsletter Content

We can design you the best newsletters and give you the best content for it.

Brochure Content

Let it be traditional or e-brochure, content is what gives you customers.

Ad Content

We provide you the best content for your online and offline advertisements.

Company Profile

A company profile gives your client the first impression and we make sure it is the best.

The Only Content Writing Company in Bangalore which is able to deliver around 45,000 words in a day!

Why Choose WayzOn’s Content Writers?

Years Experience
Unique Content
Ontime Delivery
Ontime Delivery

Our writers are well trained through a 3-month internship at our Bangalore headquarter and we mold them in writing creative, unique and SEO friendly content in Bangalore. 

We train them in thinking from the customer perspective, which helps them write highly converting content for our clients.

We start the content writing projects only after understanding your brand, it’s unique selling proposition, products, target customers etc.

There are many reasons why most of the top companies in Bangalore choose our content writing service in Bangalore. Here we will be giving you an in-depth detail about each feature of WayzOn content writing service.

Without boasting much let us dive into the the in-depth information about our services. 😀

Website Content

When a customer visits your website the most visited pages are the homepage, about page and the services page.

These pages must have the best content which must make the customer fall in love with your brand. 

This is where our content writing experts come into action. We make creative contents with the help of our graphic designers which will automatically make a positive image about your brand sub-consciously.

We break the conscious barrier, we win our customers!

Social Media Content

According to reports Q4 reports published by Facebook, they have 2.86 billion active users per month and out of that 1.56 billion users log in every day.

In India alone we have around 350 million active Facebook users.

This makes every company or brand to make their social media presence. There are thousands of companies who are having social media profiles and to compete with them you must have unique and stunning content.

Our social media content is just out of the box and you can see a significant boost in your business.

#Hashtag Content

You might have noticed news, content or videos trending in Facebook using #hastags.

If you use hashtags wisely at the exact time, then your brand will be getting a great exposure within a short period of time.

We have to wait for the right time to promote #hashtag contents in social media.

Our social media experts monitor every single hashtag events or news and when something related to your company pops up, we will hit the bulls eye.

Blog Content Writing

Why blog content for your company? 

Even the biggest brands like Wallmart, Coca-Cola, Caterpillar etc use blog as a medium of promoting their brand and boosting sales.

You have a great professional website and you rank for business related keyword, it’s great you will get a lot of customers.

Now start a blog and offer free information related to your industry, and you can see at least 300% growth in your business (if used perfectly).

For example, you have a computer training institute and you want more students. We will write a SEO friendly blog content and rank in Google. That will be purely free information.

If they like the content, then will contact you for more information and might join your institute.

Pro Tip: Blogging is a really powerful tool for every business!

Product Descriptions

When our SEO experts audited more than 500 E-commerce websites, almost 65% of the websites didn’t have any product description.

Almost 20% of the websites used copied product descriptions from other websites or the manufacturer website.

This gives a negative impact on the website, which also loses it’s Google ranking.

Understanding the problem, we came up with ideas and content tricks to rank product pages higher in Google using unique content.

You own an E-commerce website? You will surely need our product content description writing service. 😛

Newsletter Content

For brands who use Blogging as their main source of audience, newsletter is their medium of updating information with their customers.

When someone like you website they will subscribe for your newsletter. It can even your old customer.

We will design and write content for newsletters which help you for brand awareness, up-selling, cross-selling etc.

Brochure Content

Whenever a company contact the customer, the first thing they do is send a business card or a brochure of the services or products you offer.

If the design and content of the brochure is great, then you can easily convert the customer.

Our designers and content writers work hand-in-hand to give you the best highly converting brochure content.

Ad Content

Our content writers in Bangalore, create content for both online and offline ads.

Let it be social media ads, PPC ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, we got you covered.

Most of the companies thinks that the biggest hurdle is to get leads or calls. But we believe in conversions.

We try to make our ad content extremely creative so that the customer is 50% convinced just by reading the ad content.

When we focus on online ads, we concentrate on highest click through rate. 

Company Profile

We started this service after continuous queries from startups who want a stunning company profile.

Most of them were looking for investors and business loans. 

We were able to give the best company profile content writing service due to the experience we have.

To make the best company profile, we will be researching about your company, its niche, products etc.

Content Is The King & We Crown it In a Creative Way

What You Can Achieve with WayzOn Content Writing?

  • 100% Unique, Creative and Conversion Focused Content.
  • 100% SEO Friendly with LSI keyword included content.
  • Improve search engine rankings using on-page content SEO.
  • Audience targeted content.
  • Makes your brand stand out of the crowd.
  • Build Relationships with your customers which directly boosts your business.
  • Take your brand to next level.
  • Return on Investment based charges and content writing.

FAQ About Content Writing in Bangalore

Can you tell me the latest trends in content writing in 2020?

The top online marketers in world says there is no online marketing without content marketing.

It is a medium of convincing you clients through words.

What all content writing services do you provide?

We provide almost all types of content writing like:

  • Website content writing.
  • Blog content writing.
  • Advertisement content writing.
  • Product description.
  • Company profile writing.
  • Social media content writing.
  • PR content writing.

On special needs, we can also customize our content writing services in Bangalore.

Will you provide designing with content writing?

Yes, we can provide you complete designing and content writing service.

We have the best graphic designers and content writers who will work together to make your content look better.

Can you write the about, contact, profile pages of our website?

Yes! After collecting the required information from your company we will draft the best content for your website.

What are the latest techniques you use?

We are always updated about the latest trends in content writing.

We write content which are:

  • Able to create a positive image of your brand.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Having great reading flow.

Our content will be well organized using headings and sub-headings which will be easy for customers to read.

Why bother about SEO?

We build and write content in website to rank higher on google and get customers, right?

For content to rank on Google you website must have high quality SEO optimized content.

SEO content will be having the following:

  • Perfect on-page SEO.
  • Excellent interlinking.
  • Catchy title for high Click Through Rate.
  • Proper usage of LSI keywords etc.

What is the qualification of Wayzon’s content writer?

All our writers will are having at least 3 years of experience.

Apart from that we will be giving them a 3 month internship in writing content which can conquer the customers sub conscious mind.

We have the best content writers in Bangalore! 😀

How will the content writers write, if they don’t have knowledge about the industry?

We will get the primary information from the client and their company profile. After researching about the industry, our team will ask you the right questions which will clear almost all the doubts regarding the content you need.



What is procedure of content writing by WayzOn?

During the first meeting, we will collect all the requirement from the client and our team will research about it in detail.

We will ask our client few questions which clear almost 99% of the things we want to know.

We start designing the content and forward it for proofreading.

Why choose Wayzon for content writing?

We have 10+ full time content writers who are trained exclusively for content writing.

The major reasons why you must choose us are:

  • 100% Original content.
  • SEO friendly content.
  • Copyscape rechecked content.
  • We write conversion focused content only.
  • We have more than 15 years of experience.

How much do you charge for content writing service?

The prices depends on many factors like:

  • The niche you want to write about.
  • The number of words you want each day.
  • Type of the content you need etc.

It would be better to give you the exact quote after knowing your requirement.

Do you provide any discounts on bulk orders?

Of course, on bulk content requirement we will surely give you discounts.

It completely depends on size of the project and number of words.

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