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E-commerce Website

“Your website reflects your quality of business!.. ” Make it unique and user friendly with Wayzon!.

Creating a website for your company and keeping it for just promotion is not a big deal. It’s easy peasy. But what if you have an online store to deal with? The case is so different, Isn’t? Actually Ecommerce websites are the heart and soul of online stores.

What is Ecommerce Website?

In simple words, Ecommerce websites act as a medium through which you can select, buy and pay for your goods. A business model where businesses actually work through the web. This model will surely help to upgrade your business as your products are reaching a wider circle. You can also become an agent or mediator in between the customers and wholesalers by providing an interface to bring out the product and choose the product. The options to promote your products with its price and features help the buyers to choose according to their need and budget. Ecommerce websites are just like the shops where you buy your favorite items, but in a virtual environment.

Why do you need e-commerce websites?

Nowadays , people are extremely snowed under with their work and responsibilities. In this hurry to bury life, many of them don’t have enough time for shopping. Even if they find time,they can’t choose their best suited things. The busy schedule makes people forcefully like the items they purchased. Is there any other options that can make our shopping more convenient and enjoyable with limited time. Here the ecommerce sites comes into play making your shopping available with just two taps on your phone.

The wide range of options to choose your favorite items that too with customization makes online marketing popular. A good amount of user friendly and technical features should be implemented in the site to make the interface perfect.


The GUI, which customers get interacted with should be attractive and easily understandable.

Easy navigation in between the pages also make the site more convenient to the users

Making an attractive front end is the first task to make users attracted to the site. Then what about backend and functionalities?.. Another major task is the smooth working of the essential functionalities.

The database management features should be appropriate enough to do major manipulations in data.

Sorting out the products with users’ taste and budget is also another adequate facility that an ecommerce website needs.

Why Wayzon?

Planning to make an online store? Or thinking of upgrading your website for an online store. As the websites are actually being the real face of your business, Wayzon can be the artist.Wayzon being the leading ecommerce website development company in Bangalore provides all the essential features that a website demands. Collaboration with many of the leading companies paves way to the development of Wayzon’s professionalism and quality. The well equipped team of frontend, backend and graphic designing portrays your idea and creativity realistic.

Creative ideas combined with thematic implementation of your online store can be executed with Wayzon. We build ecommerce websites in a professional manner that too combined with unique style.

What Wayzon provides you?

Shopping website almost feature up similar designs of displaying the products with their prices in cart. You may think what difference can Wayzon make? Well this question can be answered with some points:-


Wayzon never uses the templates which we already used. Rather than just providing
ecommerce websites for our wish, we design it by involving the ideas of clients. Moreover the main objective will always be user focused.

The backbone of ecommerce website is users. So focusing on what users actually desire will be the primary important factor in Wayzons ecommerce development section. As users can buy product in a single click they can also reject the product with the same single click. So build it without a single piece of fault. The decisions and taste of shopping differ from person to person. Each individual have their own personalized journey of shopping. Making this journey a remarkable experience can make uses to revisit your site much more time. The recommendation factor which include in the section of personalization also grand suitable soil for your business.

High level security features

When dealing with the sales management business, transaction plays great role. Wayon make your site highly flexible to deal with transactions. What ever the means of payment that client demands, we make the datas of uses completely private and secured. Many advanced technological features are added so that the users get enough satisfaction and security strength to deal with your website.

Branded design and flexible navigation

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, this is a quote which we use almost in every comparing cases but this quote become extremely meaningless in the case of ecommerce website. Users judge your business with this cover so the only way is to make your site as much as attractive.
Wayzon provides unique and non-judgmental cover to your business with new technologies of HTML5, CSS , graphic designing etc.
Easy navigation to next pages, Limited step for selection process of product and validation of customers data all add the points of e-commerce websites.