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Packaging Design

How will you go out to meet a person for the first time? We do whatever we can to create a first impression. We concentrate on dressing, hairstyles, sandals, our behaviour, talking, smiling etc. We all keep ourselves packed with a bag of good or impressive things. Right?. Well, the same goes with a product too. Customers first meet the products in the market. So how do we produce the first impression? It’s obviously through the outer structure of the product. Or in simple words, its through product packaging

What is packaging design?

Packaging design makes a product well adapted for marketing or out to market. From the manufacturing factories to the shelf of a supermarket, a product needs to go through many processes. Packaging design is one of the last and essential ones. In a more technical concept, the process is like connecting many forms, structures, materials, cryptography and many more elements. The main objective behind this product packaging is surely the protection of the product. But creative minds always think to make every possible way to useful things. So product packaging becomes one of the key elements that attract consumers in a market. Whatever the mode of marketing, whether it’s online or offline, packaging designs are the core part. It’s the first impression and this first impression is extremely important in business. Creative and attractive packaging attracts and generates a desire to try out the product. It’s not only about the design, but also the details included, the contents, or how to use it all that makes a packaging design successful and attractive.

Why is packaging design important?

Why does your product need a good looking attractive package? Do you think it’s a waste of money? If so, let’s look at why it’s so special and what a packaging design can do with marketing?

Protect your product.

A package will surely protect your product from damages. This will enable the customers to have the product without any minor issues. Every producer’s dream is to get the product in the initial condition they make. The package helps producers to achieve this dream. Just imagine how worse it will be if the products come without a package. If it’s so, then many products may not exist in the market.

Packaging design helps for display and promotion

What will be the approach of customers, if they see a soap packed in a plain white box. Am damn sure that customers will never buy that considering it as a low-quality one. Displaying in market shelves with attractive colours and different levels promotes the product to a large extent.

It creates trust.

Not only does colour and design matter, but the content in packing also matters. Customers will surely go for reading the contents, rate, ingredients, manufacturing date etc. So if you never include such details, the reputation and trust may be questioned. So packaging and its included contents can create trust and loyalty to your brand.

Makes your product different from others.

Your product may not be unique. You make the same product like we say candles. For a first look, they look the same, quality, size may differ. But from a customer viewpoint, they go for good and attractive packaging, it’s the only factor that makes a difference. Sometimes customers mark or name your product with the packing colour or design just like we recognise ParleG with a small girl used in packet

Why choose Wayzon as your packaging design partner?

Before dealing with a project, Wayzon first goes for finding answers to some questions like what is the type of product? Who are the target customers? Whether it’s specialized for women or men or general use? What is the mode of buying? Online or offline?. Answers to these questions reveal the way to manage the project better.

We value our clients.The ideas and interests of our clients will be given primary importance. We collaborate our ideas with their interest and make a better version. We ask for some basic information like colours to be used, fonts, the logo of the company which is predesigned, the content that should be added to the outer cover and about the budget plans.

Wayzon makes packaging design simple and clear.Packing with a lot of designs and writings creates great confusion in customers’ minds. We understand such problems and create packing designs with clarity and in a simple manner.

Our designing team is up to date with the latest technologies and ideas. Creativity can only help with ideas, but making the ideas to reality demands technical knowledge. Our packing design team knows the accurate methods like Adobe illustrator, colour shades like CMYK, barcodes etc.

We design the packages 100% honestly. Wayzon never designs packets showing the enlarged size of a product or with fault information. So we maintain our loyalty and trust.

We evaluate each design, value them, test them and if needed we go for alteration. We will redo it until our client gets fully satisfied.

Wayzon goes for feedback from clients. This helps us to understand our faults and improve in upcoming projects. We give maximum attention to complaints and to hear negatives because these factors help us to change ourselves for better work.