Web Hosting

Consider a situation, where you have a lot of furniture and other things required to live and not have a house. If you don’t have a secure place to keep these things and live yourself is something useless, right? So what will we do, we will surely go to rent a house or buy one. The exact situation can match up with a website. If you design a website with all your creativity, HTML, CSS and all functionalities, what is the use if you can make it online on the world wide web? Here is the importance of website hosting services. There are plenty of website hosting platforms that provide a client with a space to run their website and all other necessary support. So a great solution to a great problem.

What is web hosting?

A website is not just a small file, but it is a collection of many files which is designed in HTML and styled in CSS and connected for its proper functioning, overall a website is a collection of web pages that are connected. So what web hosting does exactly is, it allocates some space on the web server to store all the files of a website and function well. This allows others to view your site on the World wide web and make your site online. It is just like renting or buying space to place your website on a server. You may have a doubt, what is a server? Well, it’s more like a computer that connects the users to your website.

So if you want to buy or rent the space, you have both paid and free web hosting. If you go for free you may want to face many issues like ads, unfair customization and many more. But before going through that, there are many types of web hosting.
Shared web hosting
It is something like sharing the server to host many websites. It’s best suited for personal websites and small websites which do not have a lot of traffic. It is cheap and can be set up easily

VPS hosting

The virtual private server works in the concept of virtualization. This gives the feel and advantage of private servers even though multiple websites work.

Dedicated Hosting

This method processes in a way by giving the entire server for rent. This is very expensive and is best recommended if you have a website with long traffic and need much server control.

Why choose Wayzon as your website hosting platform?
Wayzon, the top most digital marketing company in Bangalore provides you best website hosting services. But you may have doubts about what makes us so different from others or why to choose us for website hosting service. Well here are features which make us better than any others.

Wayzon provides you with full-time technical support.
Whenever you go for website related sectors, you may encounter many issues. Wayzon resolves all such issues which you face during the period we provide you hosting service. We never allow our clients to face technical issues and are bothered about that. Our team is technically efficient to resolve any issues and protect your website.

We give backup services

One of the major issues that can even keep your business down is losing data. Just consider an eCommerce website, if it loses data, it affects the whole business, right? But never worry, if you lose your data while hosting with Wayzon, because we provide our clients with enough backup services. We have other servers which help you to regain your whole data so that losing data will never affect your business.

We keep your website uptime and available 24×7

The most inappropriate thing is leaving your site unavailable or offline. This makes your SEO grading low and which in turn affects the traffic. The whole point is, this affects your business very badly. So this situation will never happen if you collaborate with us. We take maximum effort to keep websites active and live. So no more worries about that.

Keep up to date

Wayzon always makes sure that your website works well. If you are busy with your business, you don’t have to bother about managing the website. We manage it, making sure that operating systems are up to date and working well and manage and care after all the things.

We show a keen interest in providing Security

Whatever the functionalities and design of the website, what will happen if your website becomes a victim of hacking. Hackers use every possibility to make your website vulnerable. So Wayzon deals by securing your website with the most modern technologies. We make sure about SSL encryption, spam removals, enough firewall securities, email scanning and many more.

So why are you confused when dealing with website hosting? Make Wayzon your partner of web hosting and enjoy your business.