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Website Maintenance

“Creation is a process but maintaining is an art!”

Imagine you subscribed to a youtube channel and whenever you revisit the channel, it gives the same content again and again. Feels irritated? So what will you do next? It’s simple, you unsubscribe it! Congrats, you did the right thing.No more waste of time. The exact situation happens when you don’t look after your website. Customers need up-to-date content and advanced technologies on the website. It’s more like taking care of a child by providing necessary things at an apt time.

So what’s our role? Wayzon exists for your complete website solution. We create websites and demand a lifetime commitment with our clients by providing maintenance for the site. We value your trust and time so that we guarantee unique and satisfactory updates and maintenance on your site.

What Is Website Maintenance Service?

Website Maintenance service in simple words is a process of checking out and updating your website at a regular time interval. It can be done weekly, once in a month, quarterly maintenance, or can be done annually. So what if I don’t maintain my website? This question matches with “What if I don’t undergo body checkups”. You may have hidden diseases that can be revealed through checkups, likewise, your site may have plenty of issues like backup, security, customer engagement, technology issues, etc. So Website maintenance services make you updated and relevant thereby strengthening your Google ranking, SEO optimization, and engagement with customers.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Many of the companies do not give much attention to the maintenance and update factor. Especially if you are a beginner owning a startup business and all. The main reason may be the lack of time to concentrate, the limited technical knowledge, and the budget. But denying the required maintenance to your website at a regular interval can cause many problems.

1)Security:- “Hacking!”, ohh please! Stop this, why does a hacker want my website? This may be the thought you go across when you read hacking. Right? But there are a lot of things that a hacker can do with your website. He/she can drive your downloads, can have SEO spam campaigns, mining bitcoins, etc. These all happen when your security is not up to date.

2)Decreased Speed:- Technologies are increasing day by day. So as every edition of a book comes with improvement, websites after each maintenance utilize upcoming technologies which may increase the functionality and working of the website. If we do go for an update, the time to load the page and navigation all get affected which in turn affects the SEO ranking.

3)Less corporate Value:- As you are in a world of business and competition, it’s important to keep your position and standard in the corporate world. The end-users don’t have a wide idea about the working and professionalism of a company. You can earn a good impression only from your websites as customers never think about how big your headquarters is? To maintain a well-qualified website that is smooth and user friendly

How does Wayzon maintain your website?

Not all businessmen know how to handle a website, or about the underlying technologies that should be utilized. And a company can’t stick to the website and promotion all the time. They have many other factors that they should prioritize. So Wayzon never wanted anyone to have website creation, hosting, and maintenance a burden to anyone. Collaborate with us, we will take care of your website-related issues and maintenance. We provide A to Z solutions and maintenance to your site with the help of advanced technologies.

What are the advantages you get by hiring Wayzon for your website?

1)Wayzon has an expert team to handle website maintenance, so we are damn sure that we work beyond your expectation.

2)You can simply focus much more on many other factors that your business demands. So no more struggling hours to maintain your website.

3)Goodbye to stress and tensions due to your website. We are here to take up the challenges and work for your success.

What are the features that Wayzon offers?

Wayzon never limits your website with certain features. We update and modify your website as per the demands of your website. In simple words Wayzon doesn’t have such sure features, we make your site perfect by modifying what it wants. And some of the common features can be summarized as below:-

Content Management:- Your website needs a regular check-up of contents. The updation in images, quotes, spam checking, navigation all will be updated in no time.
Social Media Integration:- Integrating your website with your social media accounts can create a huge boost to your website as well as to your accounts. But proper updation from your accounts to the website should be there. And we give an option to the customers to share it in their accounts too. So that your brand gets promoted.

Speed and testing: We update your website in all manners, rather than just updating the contents and adding the required functionalities, Wayzon uses advanced technologies to speed up your site. Wayzon also tests your site and makes sure that it doesn’t possess any errors and is functioning well.

Backups and site monitoring: Backups are essential for websites. It’s a security measure that we do for restoring the data even if our site undergoes any serious server issues or security problems. Site monitoring can be divided into different categories as availability monitoring, performance monitoring, and functionality monitoring. Wayzon does all these types of monitoring and enhances your site.

Integrate with wayzon and make your site well maintained with recent technologies and updates.!