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About mobile website

Hosting a personal or business website has long been a requirement. At the present, having a mobile website is the necessity and new trend to compete.

In case you are enough foolish to overlook this, I promise you that you wouldn’t like the outcomes.

It is a truth that the PC is an old trend now. And you know what is changing it? Yes, advanced mobile devices like Kindles, iPads, Smart Phones, and more. Think about this, everybody has a Smartphone and by coming year, these phones will be more smart devices. Even, at the present time, over 20% of Traffic coming from mobile phones, yet under a quarter of small companies have a responsive mobile design. So, how they can compete with this challenging market?

In case you think about how much amount you make, absolutely it is important that you have a mobile compatible website to your desktop version website.

How to make a mobile friendly website?

Today, mobile users expect an optimized experience for their mobile device. Almost half of the clients say they would not return to a website in case it does not properly load on their mobile.

In case you are not sure your website is mobile-friendly or not, we will shows you how to confirm it against new criteria of Google. With our suggestions and expert advice, you can easily get Best mobile sites for your business.

Make a Mobile Version of Your Existing Website

The fastest way to make your website mobile-friendly is to make a mobile version of your existing website using a conversion system.

Use Mobile Plugins

The famous systems of website content management are Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. These all have bolt-on solutions to create your site friendly with almost any mobile without any separate versions.

Use a Responsive Mobile Design

The above solutions are just temporary solutions until you can design again your website by deploying a perfect strategy using practices of responsive web design.

Why is mobile website important?

Generally, as the sunup of advanced mobile devices and the growing usability of them to explore the web, it has been crucial for many years to bring up to date your website and make a responsive Mobile friendly website. As per to the marketing network, an enormous 60% of web traffic coming from mobile phones now, and some other research groups have predicted that the numbers of shoppers using mobile phones go up to 35% in 2017.

Thus, in case you do not have a website friendly with mobile, you should get Moblie website builder instantly and make a mobile website. Otherwise, there are many users that can’t visit your site and many potential customers or clients that you can say Bye to!

Also, having a professional mobile-friendly website is excellent for the purposes of SEO for the same reason. Two important parts of a webpage that considered by Google in its overall ranking evaluation is Click Back and Bounce Rate.

How To Optimize Your Website ?