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Are you Looking for the Best Result Oriented PPC Company in Bangalore?

If yes, then you are just in the right place! We at WayzOn provide the best PPC services in Bangalore which completely focuses on conversions and brand awareness.

Before we boast about our PPC services, we would like to tell you the basics of PPC management.

This will help you know the PPC marketing strategy better and decide whether the service is really for your company.

We really care for you and we don’t want you to choose digital marketing services that are not suitable for you.

What is PPC Management or Services?

The full form of PPC is Pay-Per-Click. 😀

It is a kind of online marketing where you have to pay for each click or visitor for your website, through search engines.

You might have surely come across such ads when you were Googling something online. You don’t remember it?

You can check the screenshot given below.

PPC Services Bangalore Example 1

In the above image, we searched for “web designing company in NYC” and the top four results are Google PPC ads.

You can manually check it when you Google next time.

The ads will also be shown on the bottom of the page. The bottom PPC ads images are given below.

PPC Services in Bangalore Example 2

So when you go for PPC ads, your website link will be placed on the top of the page and the visitor will mostly click your website link.

According to PPC statistics, out of all the people searching for keywords, chances are there that 13% of the people will click on your link if your website shows on the top 3 rankings.

And the best thing is, you only have to pay if a user clicks your website link. 😛

Now that you have got a basic idea, let us give you an in-depth about our PPC services in Bangalore.

Our PPC Services in Bangalore

Know about our paid search ads services

Search Ads

Rank you website in the top of Google and get conversion-focused leads with search ads.

Display Ads

Create brand awareness and more using display ad services by WayzOn.

Shopping Ads

Promote your online store and its products using the best shopping PPC ads.

Video Ads

Boost your brand using the video ads which could boost your brand reach.

Re-marketing Ads

The visitor didn’t take any action? Lets run a re-marketing ad and convert them.

Sequential Re-marketing

Spy your visitors and turn them into your lifetime customers using sequential re-marketing.

PPC Campaigns Handcrafted Just For You

Why WayzOn is the Best PPC Company in Bangalore?

Know why people call us the PPC experts in Bangalore.

Keyword Research

Our PPC Company experts will find the best matching keywords related to your brand and run ad campaigns which will surely give you the best results.

ROI Based Ads

We plan your ads so effectively that your return on investment will be the best.

We would keep in mind your budget and always maintain a better Return on Investment on each ad campaign.

Conversion focused Landing Pages

With the help of our designers, web developers and content writers we will build the best converting landing pages.

We highly focus on converting all the visitors to your clients.

Location Targeting

We run PPC campaigns targeting different locations which will make better revenue for your company.

We can also help local businesses advertise in their own locality, which will be bringing in more customers.

A/B Testing

Every PPC ad campaign is a case study for us. We learn many new things when we work on different projects.

For every project, we prefer to make two or more landing pages and study which one is performing well.

Keeping the results in mind we will choose the best performing PPC campaigns.

Your Goals Always Our Goals!

Pros of PPC Ads

Before investing in any marketing plan, you must definitely know the benefits of the strategy.

  • Quick Results.
  • Excellent targeting options.
  • Pay Only for Clicks.
  • High conversion rates.
  • Can easily compete with bigger brands.
  • Helps control advertising budget.
  • Easily track ROI.
  • PPC has testing abilities.
  • Can analyze perfomance of ads in real time.
  • If done perfectly, can build brand awareness.

Key to the Best PPC Campaign

Keyword Selection

The keywords which we select must be closely, directly or indirectly related to your product or service which will convert more.

We target more on buyer-focused keywords which will give you more leads or sales.

Investment Management

It is easy to lose money in PPC ads if you don’t target the best keywords, keep the best bidding price and plan a budget.

We create a custom plan for you which will be purely based on ROI.

Landing Page

Now that we have targeted the best keywords and got the target audience to your website, it is time to convert them.

We build the best landing page which converts more. We design it by keeping in mind about your service/product, content and aesthetics.

Major Activities of Our PPC Company

The major activities we focus on while setting up a PPC ad campaign are listed below. We keep track of each step carefully so that you will be benefiting with a genuine and better lead.

  • Adwords Account setup.
  • Keyword research and selection.
  • Demographic setup.
  • Plan the ad and make a budget.
  • Setup negative keywords.
  • Design multiple creative landing pages.
  • Monitor ads and Click through rate.
  • Perform A/B Testing to study conversions.
  • Choose the best performing landing page.
  • Run ads keeping in mind the budget.
  • Re-targeting if necessary.

Platforms We Use

Google Ads

Get quality leads using Google AdWords and boost your companies revenue.

Linkedin Ads

Are you targeting B2B services or products? Then Linkedin is the best platform for you.

Twitter Ads

Do you want to target financially sound audiences? Then go for twitter ads.

Bing Ads

Bing is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Want to dominate it?

Quora Ads

Convert the visitors in Quora using free information technique.

Other networks

Do you want to promote your brand massively? Then advertise everywhere.

Why WayzOn for PPC Services in Bangalore?

We are ranked top among the PPC companies in Bangalore mainly because of the conversions we provide our clients using our ROI-Landing Page design method.

As a PPC agency in Bangalore, we assign an expert for each project who will be monitoring the ad performances. Working with them will be the best SEO experts in Bangalore, who will make sure your website performance is excellent.


Our experience makes Wayzon one of the best PPC company in Bangalore. We have more than 15 years of experience and have dealt with campaigns in different sectors.

Expert Team

Our PPC expert team consists of ad managers, SEO experts, graphic designers and content writers who have at least 5 years of experience in the digital marketing field.


You would never regret working with WayzOn because you can watch your return on investment yourself. Our target keywords, audience and locations will be precise in all means.

Conversion Focused Ads

Yes, we would tell this a thousand times, because we build conversion-focused ad campaigns and landing pages. We always love to make a win-win deal with you.

FAQ: PPC Company in Bangalore

These are the most and frequently asked questions from our clients. Go through this for a much better idea about our PPC services in Bangalore.

Q: Do I need PPC ads for my business?

PPC ads will be useful for almost all businesses. If you want us to research about your business and then give a proposal, you can contact us and our experts will tell you whether you need to run PPC ads.

Q: What are the types of paid ads?

There are different types of ads like search ads, display ads, video ads, remarketing ads, etc.

We will surely help you choose the best PPC service for you.

Q: When will I start seeing results?

By using our PPC services you can see results very fast.

But we prefer you to give us some time for testing purposes and understand your business. This helps us understand your business and help you get more leads.

Q: Can I get the PPC ad reports?

Yes, we can send you daily, weekly or monthly reports and will keep you updated about the improvements.

We are always transparent with all our clients.

Q: Would you be making landing pages for us?

Of course, we design and build conversion-focused landing pages for your company.

We will be making multiple landing pages for A/B testing of your ads.

Q: How much will be the budget for PPC ads?

The budget completely depends on the products or services you provide and the competition.

Still, we would ask you to invest 8-30% of your profits until you build enough brand recognition.

Q: What are the advertising platforms available?

We can do PPC campaigns in:

  • Google.
  • Bing.
  • Linkedin.
  • Twitter.
  • Quora.
  • Facebook.
  • Youtube.

Q: How much do you charge for PPC management?

That completely depends on the workload and we can guarantee you that the service we provide will be more than worth what you pay.

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