About web security

Sorry to say, web sites are prone to safety hazards. Setting away risks formed by employee misuse or use of network resources, your site and server present your most severe security risk sources.

By design, web servers open a window between the world and your network. The protection has taken with the maintenance of the server, updating web application and coding of your website will describe the window size, restrict the information type that can move through it and set the level of web security check you will have.

If comes to web security then it is relative and has two parts, one public and one internal. Your virtual security is good in case you have some financial value network resources and site are not divisive in any manner, your network is organized with high level of permissions, your server is up to date patched with all important settings, your web server applications are all updated and patched, and coding of your website is done to high levels.

Why do we need web security?

You know, your website is your storefront, your brand, and normally your first contact with clients. In case it is not secure and safe, those important business relationships can cooperate. The risks can come in different forms – website infection with malware to spread that to visitor’s site, stealing information of customers, like email and names, stealing finial and credit card information, and even crashing or hijacking the site.

Only one breach of security can be a death-knell for a small as well as big size business. Most of the states now have stringent laws of a data breach, and some come with hard penalties, fines, and other related costs. Though breach of a security at a business website does not trigger a data breach, still it can have a great impact on client trust if clients find out about it. In short                        

Website protection is really important for client’s trust.

How can we help you to secure your website?

Your company website should symbolize each and every part of your business and that certainly comprises honesty, security, ethics, and trustworthiness. Luckily, some simple yet effective actions can assure that your website will perform really very well, and assists confirm that no one who explores your website will get any unlikable surprises.

We are professional service providers and can perform complete Web security scan for your website. With our professional services, you can easily get a secure web site. We can help you to:

  • Keep all the web applications and software updated, as it is very important part of security.
  • Build a protective shield around your website.
  • Change your existing HTTP to HTTPS, which is security safe.
  • Use unique and strong passwords, and change regularly to stay away from unforeseen problems.
  • Create unique admin directory

We can assure you that with our professional tool and techniques you will get best results.

About SSL Certificate

In the web world, everyday crime is growing, and a requirement for safety is increasing. It is time to keep safe your online business. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a type of security seal that offers website authentication. If anyone explores your website, he will verify the legitimacy and security of your website. It offers data encryption which flows in the channel between user’s browser and website. It works privately with a secure public key and private key. Encryption must offer by a certificate authority.

There are different authorities such as Thawte, Symantec, GeoTrust, RapidSSL etc. You can easily buy SSL certificate for your website and has to pass some document justification, and later than the owner can get an SSL certificate by a reliable authority. EV certificate, Cheap certificate, Wildcard certificates are some types of the certificate that are currently available.

There are some benefits of SSL that we will check here. Let us talk about them:

  • It offers website verification for his financial information.
  • When a client offers information remains in the type of coding thus some others can’t see it.
  • Permit security with a lock in the browser’s address bar. If anyone sees a padlock, his confidence will increase.
  • It offers compatibility with almost every browser.
  • It has a trait of infinite flexibility and re-issuance.
  • It offers an extra assurance if any cheating or fraud with customers. SSL offers a declaration to the client whom they are protected on the e-commerce website.
  • It carries a hassle-free and simple process of issuance.
  • You should understand that phishing is a dangerous situation of the online world, and SSL saves people from this type of frauds.
  • If users notice https URL, they can simply understand and put their faith on the website they are surfing.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

Probably, you have heard about the term 128-bit encryption, or notice the green address bar of an EV SSL certificate, and you are thinking what it is?

Do I need to use SSL certificate on my website? It is the only question that many website owners searching today. Most shoppers online are very cautious and wish to know that their data is secure. Utilizing an SSL certificate offers two crucial things:

  • Sensitive and Important data encryption such as personal details and credit card numbers.
  • Some declaration to your clients that you are reliable (the procedure of getting an SSL certificate cannot assure this, but it can make it possible which is the reason why people have this type of perception on their website)

These are really very important and useful advantages and, while not all type of websites needs an SSL certificate, it is important for some types of websites.

How To Optimize Your Website ?